Schedule clients like a pro

Manage your schedule, showcase your work and book more clients with Buffie, 

the industry’s leading makeup booking app.

If you're a makeup artist, you need Buffie

Buffie is the new beauty booking app that allows makeup artists to book their clients easily anytime, anywhere. We've streamlined the booking process so you can get booked faster and get back to doing what you love - beat face.

Keep your beauty business organized

Never forget a client detail again! Your clients’ skin is unique. Keep track of skin concerns and product recommendations with client notes and detailed skin profiles.


Get your money faster

Getting paid is as easy as pressing a button. Link to your preferred method of payment, and get paid faster via Cashapp or Venmo. No added fees or holds, just your hard earned money in your pocket.

Control your schedule

With Buffie, you gain the power to schedule your beauty services anytime, anywhereβ€”all from your phone. Optimize your schedule with time blocking to squeeze out every possible minute, and create buffer times between bookings. As we all know, things can change last-minute! 

No nonsense pricing

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Glowing & growing

Support our journey as we grow Buffie from bootstrapped startup to the #1 beauty booking app for beauty professionals!

Upvote us on Product Hunt or leave a comment or review about the app.

All plans include:

Client profiles and history

Keep up with client with profiles for every client. Save notes and view their appointment history with you at the click of a button.

Direct links to Cashapp and Venmo

Forget processing fees and extended wait times to get YOUR money. Buffie links directly to your Venmo or Cashapp so you can get paid.

Username and profile link

Claim your username on Buffie and share your profile on social media so clients can book you directly. 

SMS and email notifications

Get notified instantly with email and text message when clients book you.

Portfolio with tags for services, styles, and colors

Post your portfolio on Buffie to get discovered and booked by new clients. Tag your posts by style or color! Or tag your service so clients can book you instantly!

Booking policy verification

No need to put "read the policy before booking" in all caps. Clients are prompted to accept your booking policy before booking for every appointment.

Time blocking and buffers

Set your hours, time off and how much time you want to have inbetween appointments. You control your schedule.

Photo attachments for your appointment

Say goodbye to saving images on your phone! Clients can upload pictures of their inspired look to their appointment.

Auto-generated invoices

Clients can see their invoice directly in the app and pay their remaining balance (along with suggested tips). Client signatures and invoice history included!

Get booked with Buffie